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VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: Jacquelyn Hawkins-McGrail

Jacquelyn has been volunteering in the Woodland Garden for three years. We love having her as a volunteer gardener. Last year she won Creasey’s Weed Slayer award for her passion and time spent eradicating weeds.

Jacquelyn is an environmentalist who became a Master Gardener and Landscape Design Consultant in Maryland in the 1990s. She believes in supporting the ecosystem by planting as many native plants as possible, as well as fighting invasive species, and restoring plant communities in natural areas. If she could do it over, she would be a botanist instead of a psychologist.

She fell in love with gardening as a toddler. Some of her earliest memories were of flowers in her grandmother’s garden: azaleas, rhododendrons, bleeding hearts, clematis, dogwoods, and the native plants in her New England landscape.

At Creasey, Jacquelyn adores the flush of spring wildflowers in the Woodland Garden, and the summer meadow flowers, as well as the flowering shrubs and trees. She would like to grow every single one in her home garden.

A bit of gardening advice from Jacquelyn: “Wait awhile and see what happens before you do anything drastic,” and “Use the right and the best tool for every task.”

Thank you, Jacquelyn!

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