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A Kentucky Preschool Where Nature Is The Classroom

Thrive Forest School in Oldham County educates children in a non-traditional way. That’s because this preschool allows children to go at their own pace in the classroom, which is set amongst the trees…

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First outdoor preschool in Louisville area is expanding

The Thrive Forest School at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve in Goshen says it is adding a second class. The first opened up last year. The addition of another will allow for 30 more students. Not familiar with nature-based…

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Mother Nature at its best:

Thrive Forest School creates education foundation for preschoolers

When a classroom doesn’t have walls you make do with what you’ve got. That is exactly what Thrive Forest School provides its…

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Forest preschool? Outdoor learning trend makes its way to Louisville

Editor’s note: Louisville families have embraced a global trend in early-childhood education known as “outdoor preschool.” We first brought you the story of Thrive Forest Preschool in 2018 and since then, it has doubled its …

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Kids get creative at area’s first forest preschool

Thrive is located at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve, where students have access to 170 acres of nature to explore. Devlin said the always changing, often unpredictable weather…

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New outdoor preschool takes learning outside, rain or shine

Outdoor preschool has turned into growing trend across the United States, and this year, the greater Louisville area welcomed its first…

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Louisville's first and only outdoor pre-school takes learning outside

With the sun in the sky and mud on the trail, a group of three to five year olds hike into the woods at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve. Navigating bumpy terrain…

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Preschool in the Woods

I was four when the 1994 blizzard silenced Louisville. I remember trudging through the snow with my brother, and how the powder’s surface must have been at my chest. Looking back, the snow was both exciting …

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