Tents in Arboretum 2

The Nature Preserve is a favorite camping destination for many families and scouting groups! Campers can pitch tents along Arboretum Way (pictured) and have easy access to the Fire Pit and nearby restrooms (the green doors).

Please note that no fishing is allowed, and tents are limited to the Arboretum area. Please note that the restrooms do not have showers.

Camping & Fire Pit cost: Call (502) 228-4362 for specific pricing. Cost depends on duration of camping, and the number of people. Click here for further details.

Environmental Impact Refundable Deposit: $50 deposit is required for rental of the campground and/or fire pit. Note, if you are renting both the campground and the fire pit, you will only be charged once. This amount will be refunded upon inspection after your group leaves. This will ensure a “leave no trace” event!

Please Read These Important Documents!

Fee Schedule for Facility Rentals

Rules for Using the Grounds