With over 9 miles of winding trails, there is a walk for everyone! Hike through lush forests, white pine stands, native grass meadows, wetlands, springs, and meandering streams. From quiet forest paths to broad grassy avenues, Creasey Mahan is ideal for local hiking, trail running, and nature exploration. Benches and picnic tables provide ideal spots for birding, wildlife viewing, and picnicking. A favorite trail destination is the Frog Pond, which is a healthy place to spot sunning turtles, frogs, and salamanders. Friendly dogs on leash are welcome (bring pick-up bags). No bikes allowed on trails or fields.

Trail Maps are available at the Office Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and at the main kiosk as you enter the wildlife area near the fire pit.

Click the trail guide below to view a larger version as an Adobe PDF file.

For a printable version of the map only, click here

Hiking Trails

In 1975, the Mahan family gifted their 170-acre farm to create the Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve. Once primarily horse pasture, with patches of woodland along waterways and ravines, Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve is now a living example of how good stewardship and community involvement can restore a healthy forest ecosystem.

A. Mahan Lane—Enjoy an easy stroll down the old farm-lane. Pass by the frog pond and take in the broad, open, native grass meadows. Provides access to several other trails. Easy.
B. Huckleberry Creek Path—Follows Little Huckleberry Creek between low wooded hills. The most mature part of the forest, be sure to visit the Hidden Springs wetland, where trickling streams merge and meander. Moderate.
C. Turkey Trot—Winds through the woods from Mahan Lane to the forests edge, passes a sunny pond and hidden meadows. Moderate.
D. Cross-Country Trail—Broad grassy paths are perfect for trail-running. This trail climbs up and down hills to overlooks, past native meadows and pine stands. Moderate.
E. Watershed Trail—This favorite wildflower footpath travels through the most mature and delicate forest, down the shady side of Little Huckleberry Creek, and past stony waterfalls. Moderate.
F. Sycamore Crest—This multi-branched loop trail takes you past old sycamore trees, including a towering giant with four trunks! Moderate.
G. Frog’s Leap Trail—The perfect trail for little ones, this nature exploration trail leads from the Frog Pond past the outdoor classroom and meanders in the forest. Easy.

For bluebird enthusiasts, Creasey also offers The Kathy Dennis Memorial Bluebird Trail with 22 bluebird houses, click here for the map.