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Lights Out!

Spring migration has been in full swing here in the Ohio Valley with millions of songbirds and other migratory species of birds traveling north to their breeding grounds or staying here in Kentucky.

During these epic journeys, billions of birds will fly at night and use the stars and moon for navigation. When traveling through cities and areas with artificial light, these birds become disoriented and collide with buildings and infrastructure or may be diverted from their migratory pathways.

Lights Out is led by the National Audubon Society to spread awareness about the dangers of light pollution, especially as it affects migrating and nocturnal birds. This national effort helps educate residents and building owners on how they may help mitigate these dangers.

From March-May and August-October from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. we ask that you turn off all unnecessary lights indoors and outdoors.

  • INSIDE LIGHTS – If you need lights inside, use window shades or drapes to reduce the impact.
  • OUTDOOR LIGHTS – Use motion detectors so lights turn on only when needed. Consider adding light shields on top, so so light shines down where it is needed and not up into the sky.

For more information, please visit our local Audubon chapter website:

Bird pictured: Hooded Warbler, Setophaga citrina by Jacob Crider

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