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Jumping Spider

by Jacob Crider

Out of the many species of spiders that call Creasey Mahan home, the Jumping Spider (Family Salticidae) are by far the cutest! These little puppy dog spiders are skilled hunters and rely more on agility and quickness to catch prey rather than web construction or other methods of trapping. They hunt flies, insects, and other spiders by quickly jumping and capturing their prey with their little fangs. Very rarely do jumping spiders bite humans, only when hurt or crushed. This makes them great spiders for handling and admiring up close!

There are multiple species of Jumping Spiders to be found at Creasey Mahan such as the Dimorphic Jumping Spider, the Bold Jumping Spider, and the Golden Jumping Spider. Salticidae, the family Jumping Spiders, is the most diverse in the world containing the most species of any spider family with over 6000 species!

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