How Many Days Till Spring?

Mahan Manor in SnowWell, the kids are finally back in school after an unexpected winter break, and the Nature Center sparkles as the bright sun shines on the blanket of snow. As always, we are open for visitors of all sorts. Just be careful where the trails are iced over and slippery.Black Vultures in Flight 3 JanThink about all our wild friends who are having a rough time with the unbroken days of ultra-cold weather and unmelted snow. The birds cannot reach seeds that are covered by snow, and most water sources are frozen. A visitor remarked that she saw some vultures trying to peck at a frozen carcass along the road. Anything that might normally be food for them freezes before they can get to it, and never quite thaws before re-freezing. If you have feeders, please keep them filled, even if you seem to get more Starlings than any other bird. A heated dog dish is a great way to provide liquid water for the birds to drink and, yes, even bathe in despite the cold temps. We hope the Sandhill Cranes who ventured northward two weeks ago have found a safe place to shelter from this weather.

Snowman by OfficeSomeone decided that Mahan Manor needed a snowman by the door! We don’t know who built it, but thanks a bunch! Our staff usually doesn’t have time for such important work.

Snowy Picnic AreaI have to admit, as beautiful as the Nature Preserve is in the winter, I am ready for a nice melt. I won’t even complain about the mud! Oh, and there are only 26 days until the first official day of spring in 2015! Keep the faith – it WILL come!