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When Is It Really Spring?

Early Spring Blue SkyHow do you know when it’s really Spring? Everyone has their favorite signs. Even though the trees are still bare, it may be Spring because the grass starts to turn green and the sky is so blue.Spicebush BlossomsAt the Nature Preserve, we look for the spicebush to bloom. In the summer, this nondescript bush just blends in with everything else, but in early Spring the delicate green blossoms catch your eye and attract early insects.Frog Pond Reflections

Turtle ReflectionsThe Frog Pond comes back to life and our Red Eared Sliders and Painted Turtles climb out of their winter burrows to enjoy the warm sunshine. The water level in the pond is high and covers their favorite basking logs, so they sit in the grass instead.Tree Swallow Red Winged Blackbird on Post Bluebird FemaleThe birds start singing and looking for a good nesting site. Our Bluebirds have been here all winter, but the Tree Swallows and Red Winged Blackbirds have arrived from their wintering grounds. Meadowlark on Post 950pxThe Meadowlark surveys his territory for rivals in the meadow, singing at the top of his voice.Toothwort  Rue AnemoneAnd, of course, the Spring wildflowers sprout up along Little Huckleberry Creek. Stroll along the path every 2 or 3 days to see the changes. And be sure to look down, since many of these flowers are quite small!New Wildflower SignsBe sure to join Executive Director Tavia Cathcart-Brown on Saturday, April 16, for our Spring Wildflower Walk at 10 am. She will point out our beautiful flowers in the Woodland Garden and along Little Huckleberry Creek, and you will learn more than you ever thought about wildflowers!