Don’t Delay, Come Today

Rue Anemone with phone for size comparison

We waited for weeks and weeks for Spring to bring warm weather and it’s finally here! It’s amazing how fast the flowers have burst into bloom. Blood root, for example, is ephemeral, and each blossom lasts only a day or two, so they are finished blooming for the most part. I walked around the Nature Preserve last week, just hoping to see some blossoms,and today, the hillside along Little Huckleberry Creek is full of blooms.

Wild Ginger in Woodland Garden

Our Spring Wildflower Walk is April 20, two whole weeks from now, and we hope lots of you will come. Executive Director Tavia Cathcart Brown will be leading walks in both the Woodland Garden and along Huckleberry Creek. It’s always a treat to attend one of her walks and hear the stories about the plants and their uses.


However, I would encourage any one  who likes wildflowers to come NOW! Don’t put off your own hike until April 20, because many plants will be finished blooming by then. For example, this toothwort plant was just budding last week…

…and now they are in full bloom all over the hillsides.

Last week, the twinleaf was barely out of the ground…

…and this week, the leaves and blossoms are fully opened.

Fortunately, some plants have a longer blooming period, and you should be able to see more gorgeous blossoms at the hike.

But why miss the thrill of seeing each species in full bloom? Every year I ask why I continue taking photos of the same plants I already have, but I just can’t stop myself. You never know when you will find something extraordinary! It’s like saying, “This is the best Christmas ever!”