Bleeding Heart

Common Name:  Bleeding Heart

Scientific Name: Dicentra eximia

Family: Papaveraceae

Habitat: Woodlands, Rocky ledges

Native: Yes

Life Cycle: Perennial

Bloom Time: Spring, Summer

Height: Up to 1 foot and 6 inches

Light: Partial sun to partial shade

Soil: Moist, Well drained

Pollinators: Bees, Butterflies, Birds

Other: Mildly poisonous 

Description: Bleeding Heart is a native perennial that grows in woodlands and on steep, rocky ledges. Named after its pink, heart-shaped flowers with tiny “droplets” at the bottom, these flowers bloom from late spring to late summer and prefer moist, partly shady conditions. In addition to its unique heart-shaped flowers, Bleeding Heart can also be identified by its distinctive fern-like leaves. This photo of Wild Bleeding Heart was taken in the Woodland Garden at Creasey Mahan.