Black Eyed Susan

Common Name: Black Eyed Susan

Scientific Name: Rudbeckia hirta

Family: Asteraceae

Habitat: Meadows, Slopes

Native: Yes

Life Cycle: Biennial

Bloom Time: Summer, Fall

Height: Up to 4 feet

Light: Full sun to partial shade

Soil: Average, Moist, Well drained

Pollinators: Butterflies

Description: Black Eyed Susan is a common native wildflower that grows in fields and meadows and can be identified by its golden petals and dark brown center. Black Eyed Susan blooms from early summer to mid-fall and prefers to grow in full sun and well-drained soil. Black Eyed Susan also attracts butterflies, and can make an excellent addition to a native or pollinator garden! This photo of a Black Eyed Susan was taken in the Native Grassland at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve.